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No different than taking off or unbuttoning your shirt. Spring is the time to prepare you for warmer, bright sunshine and the urge to travel.

As a cautionary note, do not just hook her up and take to the Rockies – one must methodically reverse the “winterizing” process and prepare everything from the windows to the propane lines.

Remember, the winter months and the wild swings in temperatures can slow down if not eliminate the spring thaw.

That thaw will shorten, if not end your first venture of the season and probably last well into your third trip if you “rush” the spring preparation clean-up and clean out!

All the mechanical components must be started and monitored for at least ten (10) minutes each.

A lot can happen or not happen in 10 bad minutes on the road.

Putting off and coughing up the repair money is not easy but safety on the road should have no limits.

No different from a child’s first seasonal ski run (downhill fast), all gear and all protection should be double checked.

Do not let the kick-off of the annual event end the fun and safety of the great outdoors and asphalt!!

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