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On Any Given Day

On any given day it is extremely important to have the talent of the company workforce there and always ready for unexpected situations or emergencies. Each worker has his or her experiences that contribute to a well-balanced business even when things are not just right.

Safety standards should be enforced daily and tools plus supplies always available for each worker. As always, experienced help and back-up knowledge is a must when establishing first aid procedures and correct protocol.

When a small incident turns “large”, first aid training or basic understanding of “minimum” standards of safety are a must while working on any component part of the shop or repair facility. We recently have suggested a safety program to all full-time employees emphasizing moving parts, height restrictions and solvents.

On any given day most repair shops are limited to 1 maybe 2 workers and with the high overhead costs good emergency coverage is hard to locate. I always encourage folks to call or e-mail questions to satisfy a complex problem.

With our (10) ten employees we usually have good history with one or more of our specialists and their knowledge of first had information.

On any given day it’s always good to have back-up people or good experience from years of exposures to the good and bad of all situations.

Work, with careful thought and panning, will reduce the incidence of unexpected problems and difficult decisions.

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