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Living Full Time in An Airstream

Hello everyone! My name is Josh Wood, and I’m excited to be a guest blogger for VARR. First things first, an introduction of my family. We are a family of four that have been full time living in our 1976 Sovereign 31′ Airstream for coming up on 10 months. My wife Lisa is a freelance photographer, and is also the Social Media Coordinator for VARR. We have two boys, Beckham, age 5, and Graham, age 3.

There are soooo many questions that people have when they find out we live in an Airstream and travel full time. Why? How? Are you crazy? Independently wealthy? If I had to sum up our reasoning in one word, it would be, CHANGE. We craved change and wanted to be able to travel while we’re younger, and give our boys an experience that will stay with them the rest of their lives. What allows us the flexibility to travel is my wife’s freelance business. We are still bound by hookups not having solar, something I would highly recommend having for those interested in full time travel.

One of our proudest, and best investments, has been our vintage Airstream trailer. I use the word “investment” because it is one of the only trailers that you can buy that will not only hold it’s value, but also comes with a unique and genuine community.

My goal here is to tell you our story, why we chose this lifestyle, this journey, this Airstream. We might even inspire you to do something outside your comfort zone. I’m excited to share more with you and answer any questions you might have! If you would like to see more images of our travels you can find us on Instagram…@lwphotofindings and @airstream_dad_josh

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