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Just One More Question

It’s amazing to me as to how many folks call me personally and ask for answers to questions, scenarios estimated value etc.…… with nothing more than “yeah, can you tell me the weight of a 1973 Overland Airstream trailer if it was fully gutted.

People call me from all over the world with these types of questions…. I always suggest doing a little home work on the model, year, photos and a lot of details from the internet before wasting time.

I guess that’s one reason why they are so many “gutted” Airstream trailers out there with so many unresolved repairs few people take any time to study.

So many enthusiasts have unrealistic time frames to get repairs completed and parts that are available sourced properly.

Questions coming to VARR every day of the week sometimes are unanswerable because the part, and the catalog number are obsolete or discontinued just because they are so old.

Prepare ones-self for many questions and answers that may sound like dead-end solutions but that’s the nature of owning a Vintage Airstream Trailer that’s been sitting in Montana for 48 years.

Call me for answers…. there might be a few still left for explanation.

Contact Gene for more information on restorations and or repairs.

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