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Dangerous Spike

No different from your children when situations, examples, and firmness need to be repeated in the learning process. Qualified professionals are difficult to locate in the Airstream Restoration business.

I wrote a blog some time ago everything works.” The end point of my story was that most fix-it folks know little or nothing about the safe restoration or the proper approach to trouble shooting the correct evaluations and repair procedures of many 20, 40, 60 year old Airstream trailers.

Recently, I have received many more than usual phone calls from disgruntled Classic Airstream owners who are beyond being pissed off at “RESTORATION” companies.

There is a growing danger of not fully understanding and therefore not fully completing the repair sequence of any older Airstream. Folks are so concerned that they now are bringing attorneys and lawsuits against make shift restorations companies  and “flippers”  in the business of making a quick buck.

The seriousness of driving down the freeway at 65 mph with your family in a sub-standard Airstream is real every day!!  Repairs where not and are not up to today’s standard safety procedures.

Call me should you feel you have a concern and that you need to talk another opinion out load.

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