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Cold Weather Nightmare!

So, you said you winterized your Airstream trailer and put plenty of “anti-freeze” down the shower drain for winter temperatures.

Well then why was there water, and soggy carpet throughout the trailer in the spring?

I guess the answer logically is you didn’t “properly” winterize your Airstream trailer and now you have a few options if any. Beside digging deep into your pocket to correct water problems, water is an Airstream trailer most dreaded trailer invader.

Not only does poor winterizing require a big checkbook, but sloppy winterizing requires most of the guts, cabinets, flooring, under the bed storage and storage contents to be replaced and a strong dose of bleach be applied to all invisible as well as obvious areas.

Mold is nothing one should take lightly and “black mold” is definitely toxic. Lots of air, light and heat will help somewhat, but at the end of the clean-up I would definitely have a lab test for thoroughness and “safe to occupy” stamped deep into the inspection card for all to see.

You may refer to us and our professionals anytime you think your winterizing has not completely shut off the threat of an unsafe environment for you and your family’s safety.

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