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Check Your Vintage Airstream For The Easter Holidays 2024

With Easter approaching, it’s the perfect time to hit the road with your Airstream trailer for a relaxing getaway. But after being neglected during the winter months, your vintage trailer has likely suffered some wear and tear, particularly in its chassis. To ensure a smooth journey, it’s essential to have VARR examine and potentially replace the axles of your Airstream trailer.

Thorough Axle Inspection And Replacement

VARR’s comprehensive examination of your axle involves a meticulous 5-point inspection procedure. Our skilled and seasoned technicians will meticulously scrutinize the axle for cracks, faults, defects, and damaged rubber seals. Following the assessment, we will provide expert guidance on the necessary steps to take, often resulting in the recommendation of axle replacement. At VARR, prioritizing your safety is paramount – we uphold high standards to ensure top-notch service quality without cutting corners.

Complete Airstream Axle

A complete Airstream axle has many features including Dexter torsion axle #10 or #11 (rating dependent), 10″ or 12″ electric self-adjusting brakes, integrated hub/drum assemblies, 10″ brakes are available in 5 and 6 lug hub/drum, and 12″ brakes are available in 6 lug hub/drum. It also features grease seals, inner and outer hub/drum bearings, grease caps, shock mounting brackets, and lug nuts & brake hardware. You will get all these at VARR.

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