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A Restoration Blast from the Past

1950 was a wholesome time in America and 1950 was a pivotal time for innovation.

Unique ideas were popping up all over, but as fast as a unique niche surfaced another moment of genius rose its head. By taking common materials from World War II, the travel industry specifically aluminum trailers, invented a hotel room on wheels.

Millions of miles where logged around the world to, but sadly to quench the romance of the expanding roads and freeways especially in America.

Things eventually slowed down, lost popularity and in some cases these aluminum creations disappeared.

It wasn’t until the late 1990’s was there a resurgence (call it an explosion) of trailer interest for small businesses, sightseeing, and family travel once again.Many folks were getting back to Nature…and started teaching their children the power of natural beauty.

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Enclosed, please find a number of photos that show how an aluminum trailer was brought back to life from being abandoned in a field surrounded by weeds for 66 years.

No longer does one have second thoughts about “life revisited” since the aluminum trailer niche has exploded in popularity, for all to see and appreciate.

As you thumb through the photos enclosed let the happy sound of children from the past warm your heart and make the “family” once again one of the most respected goals of parents.

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