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A More Expensive Bottom-Line

It’s hard to believe how quickly Airstream replacement parts have increase in cost over the last three years. There was a time when many Vintage repairs were a phone call away from any dealer, but today the work “backorder” seems to be the front runner word that’s slowing down the repair process and replacement inventory.

On top of that individual prices for many hard to find components are making the restoration bottom line much more costly. Many attempts to upgrade important safety and daily worn out parts have quadrupled in price during this explosive time to repair faulty equipment.

The hands-on Airstream owner, doing many repairs themselves are finding that things are much more complicated than first blush.

In turn, the over all estimates are taking more money and longer planning schedules than the good old days.

I have heard restorations and repairs budgets are increasing 20-30% just to get the basics in place and the old stuff repaired.

Many folks are realizing the Vintage Airstream niche can be, at times, too expensive a project even for the trained and skilled eye.

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