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Restoring Vintage Airstream Trailers

Nothing says ROMANCE and TRAVEL like a restored VINTAGE AIRSTREAM Trailer. You see them now and then because they are the most ICONIC Travel Trailers ever conceived. Airstream started in 1931 and VINTAGE AIRSTREAMS are now being restored all over the world. For sure you can count on upgrading and having repairs to the older “SILVER BULLETS,” but once completed, you will own the most TIMELESS Travel Trailer ever built. Your investment also will increase since there are a limited number of Airstream Trailers built in the Vintage years 1931-1970. So for all you Airstreams troughout Lincoln County, Kansas , we can restore a vintage Airstream for you and make your DREAM into a REALITY!

FREE Transportation for Your Vintage Airstream!

Special offer from VARR: for customers throughout Lincoln County, Kansas looking to do a full frame-off restoration on your vintage Airstream trailer we will cover the cost to ship your trailer to our facility in Utah from anywhere in the continental USA. Read More

Why Choose VARR for Your Vintage Airstream Restoration…

  • Custom Interior Design
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Mirror Finish Polishing
  • Business Branding/Marketing Trailer
  • Customer Friendly Atmosphere
  • 45 Years’ Experience in Restoration/Repairs
  • Influential Privacy
  • Insurance Claim, Appraisals, and Estimates
  • Arranged Transportation
  • High End Products
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Custom Holding Tanks
  • High End Fabrics

Among Many Things To Celebrate…

The 101st Anniversary of the National Parks Service is definitely one of them! We hope that this post Centennial celebration inspires you to Take to the Roads of America with your Vintage Airstream travel trailer.

Here’s to DREAMING BIG, TAKING ADVENTURES, and we encourage you to #FINDYOURPARK

Ask About FREE Transportation for Your Vintage Airstream for our Lincoln County, Kansas Clients!

Special offer from VARR: for customers looking to do a full frame-off restoration on your vintage Airstream trailer we will cover the cost to ship your trailer to our facility in Utah from anywhere in the continental USA. We hope that once your trailer is finalized and completely road worthy for a bumper pull road trip you can come visit our facility neighboring the famous town of Park City, Utah. From there you can make a little vacation out of your road trip home with your freshly renovated silver bullet.

For customers who would like to do a full restore on one of the 50 vintage Airstreams we have for sale on site we will ship it to you for FREE once the job is done.

Anywhere in the continental USA for FREE!

VARR is Lincoln County, Kansas , as well as the USA’s premier destination for your vintage airstream restoration. If you can dream it, we can build it and make your vintage diamond in the rough airstream dream into a reality and continue the Americana tradition coast to coast.

Founder and owner of VARR, Gene Magre says “I want to invite and share this amazing niche of Airstream life.” “In the past transporting that vintage airstream all the way to our facility here in Utah has been a challenge for some of our fellow Airstreamers, especially if your old trailer needs to be transported to us via flatbed tow truck.” “Now, for those who qualify we can make your Airstream dream a reality with no transportation cost to you.” -Gene Magre

As the great founder of Airstream, Wally Byam said: “Don’t stop. Keep right on going. Hitch up your trailer and go to Canada or down to Old Mexico. Head for Europe if you can afford it, or go to Mardi Gras. Go someplace you’ve heard about, where you can fish or hunt or collect rocks or just look up at the sky. Find out what’s at the end of some country road. Go see what’s over the next hill, and the one after that, and the one after that.”

Critical Transportation, Safety Always first!

We pride ourselves with our detailed repairs and restorations but, on the same page is a transportation plan that MUST be executed and followed for each trailer and destination. Locating the best travel trailer transporter is no easy job. Correct hitches, ramps, pullies etc. must be in tip top condition for short as well as extended travel preparations.

Each carrier should have the proper insurance and paperwork to cover any and all mis-haps. Photos enclosed show the complexities of a few stages of the preparation and execution of loading and unloading equipment. Sometimes, as little as 6 inches is the distance from tires to the trailer platform. Not much room for cross country error. Our transportation arm is dedicated to competitive rates to all corners of our country with timely arrivals.

One more thing. There is no reason for any qualified Airstream owner to not have the ability to ship and receive any travel trailer anywhere in America or beyond.

Bringing your trailer to us or need help finding a trailer transporter service? We can help.

trailer transportation

We provide Airstream and vintage travel trailer Restoration, Repair Services Across the US: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and more.

For information about bringing your trailer to us or finding trailer transporter services you can reach us via the contact page or reach Gene via:

varr-img Courtesy of Park City Magazine | Photograph by Mike Schirf

Our Passion

Airstream Passion: After almost forty years of taking neglected older homes away from the bulldozers path, Gene Magre completed an award winning career in the home restoration business. Today Gene’s passion has evolved into reviving life from yesterday’s older neglected Airstream Trailers. Specifically, Gene and his company “VARR” (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs), restores the vintage, pre-1970 Airstream Trailers. Vintage Airstreams continue to bloom and satisfy those who have a Thirst for Adventure, New Sights, Smells and Vistas. Our vintage Airstream restorations restore one of the key elements of American Life and Romance . . . . . Travel. Our “staff family” consists of talented professionals who understand and respect the “Airstream” name and reputation. From the Boeing Aircraft Company to Porsche/Audi racing teams, our guys have been around the block in their personal experiences and passions.

The Restoration of one of these beauties brings a Smile and a big “WOW” from all. Welcome and Enjoy the opportunity we present for you to Own and Explore our Great Land in Legendary Fashion. How Historical and Unique does it get when you see that “Silver Bullet” headed your way on the interstate!

Airstream Frame Off Restoration & Modernization

One of the most challenging parts of the Airstream restoration process is separating the aluminum fuselage body from the chassis. This is a vital phase of the restoration process, and extremely difficult to perform safely. At VARR, it takes at least 10 of our staff to safely and effectively remove the body from the frame and chassis so that we can do what we do best and start the restoration.

Complete frame off restoration / modernization services are available. On many projects as required, we will remove the trailer shell and recondition the frame.

In most cases vintage airstreams will require a frame off restoration. Detaching the aluminum body is the only way to replace the subfloor and repair/replace the chassis and axles.

The benefits are many, including a healthier living environment and a great improvement in the trailer smell! This occurs by removal of mold, old insulation, rotten plywood sub flooring and rodent droppings. There are many other benefits to removing the shell from the frame.

  • Buck Rivets
  • Olympic Rivets
  • Mold Removal
  • Insulation Replacement
  • Thorough Sanitary Clean Out

Often times on older trailers we find frame damage, cracked and broken welds, excessive rust, and rust damaged cross members and outriggers that we would not have otherwise detected. Other benefits include the fact that it is much easier to retrofit gray water tank(s) and install new black water tanks into vintage trailers with the shell and sub flooring removed.

During a frame off restoration we carefully remove each rivet connecting the aluminum shell to the chassis. Once we lift the aluminum body off, our crew can get to work refurbishing and rebuilding the chassis, frame, and floor. Meanwhile another crew will strip out the old wiring and insulation and thoroughly clean everything. Often times the older airstreams have health hazards such as mold and mice droppings, so we make sure to eliminate all hazards before doing the re-build.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Frame Off Restoration & Modernization.

Airstream Rock Guards

Rock guards are a critical factor in maintaining the integrity of your beautiful silver bullet vintage Airstream. If you have owned one, you know how rocks can kick off the back tire of your car or truck and damage either the aluminum body or the windows.

A rock guard is the most inexpensive way to protect your Airstream from that oncoming debris during travel, and highly recommended by the staff at VARR.

Depending on your needs, our staff can either fabricate custom guards for your Airstream or purchase and install a rock guard made by a third party. We use a variety of different materials on the different areas on the Airstream. Depending on how much protection you need and the look you are going for we can determine the best materials for your rock guards.

Rock Guard Materials

  • Custom Rock Guards
  • Window Guards
  • Body/Shell Guards
  • 3 Piece Protection Guards on Front Panoramic Window
  • Corner Guards

Rock Guards

  • Plastic Rock Guards
  • Aluminum Rock Guards
  • Adhesive Film Guards
  • Stainless Steel Guards

Window rock guards are sometimes installed using hydraulic lift assist systems for an easy pop up once you are parked and settled at your given destination.

Like all other parts of your custom restored vintage Airstream, the rock guards are highly customizable depending on the customer’s needs, budget, and look they are after. Often times plastic rock guards are the best bet since they are light, functional, and less expensive.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Rock Guard Replacement.

Airstream Custom Sliding Glass Windows

There’s no other Airstream facility that combines the passion, care, skills, and experience of the trades and services that the VARR team brings to your needs! We always go the extra mile to make sure your experience is a pleasant one.

Our Airstream custom sliding glass doors, windows, and repair parts will enhance the value and livability of your Airstream trailer while maintaining the authenticity of the mid-century look of your Airstream.

Past VARR clients, including George Clooney’s tequila business have requested big sliding glass doors like the one pictured. These types of sliding glass door custom Airstreams are most often used for business and generally parked in the same place for long periods of time.

  • Improved water protection
  • 100% customizable layout and configuration
  • Professional RV Collision Repair
  • Aluminum Frames
  • Strong Zinc or Steel Hardware
  • Sloped Sills
  • Improved Water Drainage
  • Nylon-Reinforced Vinyl Seals

If the purpose of your Airstream trailer is more travel focused we would use a more classic Airstream aluminum fuselage body for aerodynamics during transport. We can configure and install whatever will best serve the needs and purpose for your custom vintage Airstream trailer. Really it is up to the customer to decide their budget and the layout.

See our page on VARR Design for our computed animated design Airstream architect floor plan service.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Custom Sliding Glass Windows.

Airstrean Winterizing

Don’t Risk It! Winterize It!

The time of year when the air gets colder and the temperature drops, its time to winterize your Airstream Trailer. If you don’t have the time we can winterize your trailer for you.

At VARR we do full wintorizations of your Airstream trailer, including full dry blowouts.

VARR Airstream Winterizing Service

  • Water Blowout
  • All Systems Checked
  • Propane
  • Electrical Systems
  • Empty and Flush the Black Water (sewage) Tanks
  • Drain Gray Water (shower/sink water) Tanks
  • Drain Fresh Water Tanks
  • Drain All Pipes

We At VARR Go The Extra Mile With Our State Of The Art Airstream Winterizing Service

  1. Drain the fresh water storage tanks. Turn on all the faucets and blow out all water lines and water heater storage tank and let them drain until the water stops flowing. Frozen water can damage lines.

  2. Drain gray water (shower/sink water) tanks. Always empty the black water tank first, then the gray water tank. Only do so at approved dump stations.

  3. Close the cold and hot water valves at the water heater.

  4. We blow out all water lines with compressed air. We use this method so you won’t have the taste of antifreeze.

  5. Never use automobile antifreeze; it is poisonous and should not be introduced to your water lines. RV antifreeze is non-toxic.

  6. Pour RV antifreeze into each of the sinks (to keep the P-traps from freezing) tub, and toilet (to prevent ice from forming)

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Winterizing.

Airstream Interior Design by VARR

After all the planning, the repairs and replacement items, the original Airstream project is ready for those touches that make it a gem and a travel niche leader.

Coordination of the different elements of fabric color, sample texture and personal patterns, the interior theme and accent qualities are complete. Weeks, if not months to get everything right is just part of the exactness of a finished Airstream restoration.

The interior design and well thought out “floor-plan” is critical to the balance and beauty of “home” on the road. One should investigate different fabric manufactures, textures, and accent pieces that glue the complete décor together and give the trailer restoration a theme and sense of purpose. When everything is buttoned up and you’re moving toward the great outdoors inside your Airstream, you’ll feel a sense of home with all those finishes bundled together.

Design Features
  • Fabrics
  • Cabinets
  • Floors
  • Furniture
  • Tile
  • Millwork
  • Sinks
  • Vanity
  • Curtains/Drapes
  • Counter Tops

Depending on the purpose and theme of your trailer we can help you design your ultimate Airstream dream! Whether your Airstream is for business, family travel, or two person romantic honeymoon travel we have the materials and expertise to best fit your needs. No two VARR renovated Airstreams have looked even remotely the same on the interior. If you already have a theme and materials picked out that’s great, we will install it exactly how you had it in mind. Otherwise our talented full-time interior designer will work one on one with you until you are beyond happy with the look and feel. First we use the help of our “Airstream architect” to lay out the floor plan, like where the bathroom and shower will be, where the kitchen will be, etc. Then from there our professional interior designer will explore and experiment with different materials until you are 100% satisfied.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Interior Design by VARR.

Airstream Computer Aided Design “CAD” Designing

Recently we here at VARR, Inc. have expanded our capabilities in making the Airstream travel world easier to visualize.

We have added a program called CAD (computer aided design) By taking apart the internal components of any Airstream we can help our customers see and reorganized what a future floor plan could look like and project a “space” plan to arrange or re-arrange all four sides of the interior elevations including electrical, walls, furniture or custom hatch, door, or window fabrication.

It is very easy to shuffle appliances, increase or decrease storage areas and make the most of seeing the finished product before the ink dries.

Expert Architect and Interior Design

At VARR design, our design staff can create anything you can imagine using state of the art computer 3d renditions. After trial and error of designing on the computer you can confirm that everything is exactly perfect to satisfy your desires.

Once everything looks good the restoration process then begins.

Restoring your vintage Airstream is an expensive and timely investment. Here at VARR we want to make sure you get it right the first time so that you can spend more time on the road and less time hassling on maintenance.

  • Virtual Reality 3D Modeling
  • Concept to Creation
  • Space Optimization
  • Extreme Precision
  • Flexibility for Change

The extreme precision of our expert staff strive towards perfection and all of the hand done custom work is done to the T to match the architectural floor plan and interior design.

It’s a very exciting Airstream renovation process, and the outcomes are incredible. Airstream dream big, you would be surprised what is possible for your custom trailer to match the theme and purpose you are going for.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Computer Aided Design “CAD” Design by VARR.

Airstream Awnings

Awnings on your Airstream trailer have the potential of making or breaking the whole image of your silver bullet. A good awning can nearly double the size of your domain while living the Airstream dream, especially if you own a smaller trailer like a Bambi or a Bubble.

On most of our VARR Airstreams we install Zip Dee awnings. We have found that the quality of the fabric and posts are second to none, but if you have another preference we can make that happen as well. The 12 volt Zip Dee automatic awnings are very convenient, just the push of a button and the awning can go out and back in easily with complete reliability. If you want to save money the manual awnings are also quite easy to use and equally as reliable.

Traveling with a broken or damaged awning can be dangerous so durability is key! It’s critically important that your awning is strong and secure for travel. The last thing you want is for the Airstream awning to come loose and scratch or dent your beautiful aluminum panels.

  • Extends out either 8 or 9 feet from the rail (your choice)
  • Scalloped valances on 3 sides
  • Bound with white acrylic fabric
  • Made of quality 9 oz Dickson® awning fabric
  • Heavy duty adjustable-height aluminum poles
  • Includes ropes, stakes and line tighteners
  • Plastic rail bead is sewn into the top edge of the awning.

There’s nothing quite like the iconic view of a beautiful shiny Airstream parked with the great American outdoors as a back drop. Notice in those iconic classic images they always have the awning propped up! Depending on the weather, your party might spend more time outdoors under the awning than inside your Airstream trailer.

At VARR, the awnings we install are highly customizable depending on the size and theme you are after.

Our designers help choose colors, patterns, and materials to best suit your needs. Virtually anything is possible depending on your budget.

Airstream Steps

Walking into an Airstream trailer with a broken step can be quite the challenge. A solid, reliable step on your Airstream trailer goes a long way. We can help you find the right step for your Airstream and professionally install it. Depending on your preference we can set up a manual step or automatic step using the material of your choice.

Most VARR clients choose the automatic aluminum step. Like all other phases of a VARR vintage Airstream restoration the choice is completely up to the customer and everything is highly customizable.

Our workshop has tools to modify or fabricate virtually any part that is required to get your Airstream project completed. If a part for your Airstream trailer needs to be machined, milled, welded, cut, drilled, formed or pressed we can do it.

  • Aluminum Steps
  • Steel Entry Steps
  • Manual Steps
  • Automatic Steps
  • Ease of Storage
  • Power Entry Steps

After all of the labor hours invested in restoring your silver bullet it really comes down to the details, and a good reliable step is very worthwhile. At VARR we do our best to make sure that when we install your Airstream step we do it in a way that it won’t hit the ground when you are pulling out of a parking space that has a dip. Also we make sure to make the step extra sturdy to insure that it will last for years with no maintenance needs, ideally for decades.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Awnings & Steps.

Airstrean Window Repairs

Airstream windows are one of the most attractive attributes on an Airstream trailer. The unique airplane-style riveted windows seem to have a magical way of sparking the imagination.

The unique Airstream windows are beautiful, but very difficult to install and or replace. They absolutely need to fit perfectly and be sealed water tight so that no moisture can seep through.

A leaking window can open the door to an on slaw of issues that can become not only a health hazard, but also a difficult fix. Like all things Airstream repair, it’s better to do it right the first time!

Window Installation

Window installation takes extreme care and precision to make sure everything fits as tight as possible so that the window is completely water tight. If needed we custom shape a new window frame, install the glass, then carefully fit it into the aluminum fuselage body of your vintage Airstream.

Window Replacement

  • Glass Windows
  • Plexi Glass
  • Dual Glaze Service
  • Custom Framing
  • Water Tight Sealing
  • New Rubber Seals

A Bit of Airstream History

Ever since Airstream started their trailer production business in 1931, many trailers have traveled the world and experienced all the different weather conditions. Each weather condition has a different effect on the trailers and the exterior aluminum skin that makes them so iconic. One of the drawbacks of course is the difficulty to keep each aluminum window water tight.

Up until the late 80’s and early 90’s, most window models leaked somewhere if not everywhere. Repairing leaky windows is difficult, very time consuming, and expensive. Unless the trailer owner maintains the seals every year you will experience leakage or condensation. To make matter worse, seals on all trailer roof vents are notoriously subject to comprimise unless the owner is conscientious and vigilant year round. After time the leaky windows must be de-riveted and taken completely out. Each rivet must be drilled out to permit this removal. This is a costly repair and unfortunately is the best solution for older leaky windows.

When Airstream owners call us, many seem to have their own remedy for leaky window problems. It is not until they have exhausted a list of failed solutions that they give careful consideration to our repair experience and ability to fix the leaky window repair challenges. There are only a handful of repair companies in America that understand the right and wrong way to approach the repair. Most repair companies are limited to a small number of qualified glass specialists they employ for these detailed and expensive repairs to disassemble correctly and re-connect the window the the body. Never take a sellers word that there are no leaks anywhere and know that we are here to help! We can take care of the tedious work for you and use a commercial rubber based sealant that reduces breaks in the seal during your travel and the vibration that happen on the road.

You can see examples of the window repair process HERE.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Window Repairs.

Airstream Floor Repair & Replacement

Whether you need an entire new sub-floor, or just a patch to fix a broken section we have you covered here at VARR vintage Airstream restorations and repairs.

Vintage Airstream trailers that have been neglected for decades usually have a rotten sub-floor, which can pose as a health hazard and safety concern.

Here at VARR we pull off the old sub-floor, prep and repair the chassis, and then custom cut and install your new floor to perfect dimensions.

Flooring Installation & Repair

  • Subfloor repair/or replacement
  • Remove Old Sub-floor
  • Finished floor repair/replacement
  • Moisture barrier (between the subfloor and finish floor)
  • Prep and Repair The Chassis
  • Custom Cut and Install New floor

Once our VARR technicians have deemed the chassis safe and road worthy we custom cut, fit, and install a subfloor and moisture barrier. Most often we use wood for the subfloor, but recently VARR customers have requested specialty hybrid compound materials rather than wood. Once the new sub-floor has been installed on the trailer chassis, we re-install the Airstream aluminum shell body before installing the interior finish flooring material of your choice.

Flooring Materials

  • Hard wood
  • Linoliam
  • Cork
  • Tile
  • Bamboo
  • Carpet
  • Stone
  • Vinyl

Almost every time we do a renovation the flooring on vintage airstreams needs to be replaced. As mentioned above, flooring is another important consideration to the safety of your silver bullet. Not only does your flooring need to be strong and secure, but also it needs to stay dry. Flooring that is decades old is almost sure to have mold and rodent droppings which can cause unhealthy respiratory issues. Our staff can take samples of the different layers in your floor to determine if there are signs of mold or rodent droppings.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Floor Repair & Replacement.

Airstream Safety Repairs

Gene Magre founder and owner of VARR says “safety and attention to detail are of upmost importance to us here at VARR.”

Our staff uses industry leading materials and technologies such as the Blue OX Sway Pro weight distribution hitch, which about 90% of our client’s request.

A little extra cost up front will save you money and lives down the road, always go the extra mile for “safety”.

Airstream Safety

  • Detailed Inspection
  • Diagnostic Road Test
  • Suspension Stress Test
  • Chassis Alignment
  • Chassis Repairs
  • Sway Bar Installation

Often, we substitute clear thinking for a quick fix or a shortcut to save a little time and money. Often, we instinctively know that we are not doing the right and safest procedure when preparing an Airstream trailer for a road trip. Even worse, we, many times, just skip completely an important safety piece of equipment because we feel “nothing bad will happen to me”. Well, guest what? Bad does happen and most of the time bad thinks could have been prevented.

Today, add on safety equipment is available and easy to install. The work “sway bar” is an important part of trailering and a component of safe weight distribution for the truck pulling the trailer and the trailer itself.

Your objective should be consistent weight distribution to prevent sway before it starts. Weather conditions are always a concern and need to be checked and re-checked consistently during a haul.

One must prevent “sway” in all weather conditions and familiar components always monitored for secure fits and well-maintained fittings.

We have safety information and suggestions for all different sized couplers.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Safety Repairs.

Airstream Polishing

A completed polish is probably the most rewarding part of the vintage Airstream restoration process.

After decades of oxidizing, the aluminum panels fade and lose that gorgeous shine. The polishing of an Airstream trailer reminds the world that this unique and iconic fixture is here to stay!

At VARR we must implement a five-step process, which will cleanse the aluminum and return to life that elusive mirror finish.

We love what we do and polishing brings a smile to all of our faces when our clients first set eyes on their newly polished airstream trailer.

Process Services Include

  • Oxidation Removal
  • Clear-Coat Removal
  • Paint Removal
  • Clear-Coat Removal
  • Mirror Finish
  • Sealant

Each Airstream, depending on the size, thickness of clear-coat applied, and the density of the oxidation itself will determine the overall cost of your polish. Price range can be at times, anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on the severity of the oxidation itself.

Time and Price Considerations Include

  • Size of Your Airstream Trailer
  • Thickness or Gauge of the Aluminum
  • Clear-Coat, and Thickness of Clear-Coat
  • Severity of Oxidation

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Polishing.

Airstream Electrical & Plumbing

At VARR we inspect and repair both the plumbing and electrical needs in your Airstream trailer. We also install full new systems if needed.

Both electrical and plumbing are critically important to have an integrated system to provide two of the most important parts of safe and efficient trailering. If either the plumbing or the electrical is not in good working condition, your trailer is not fit for travel until the issue or issues have been repaired.

VARR Does All Things Electrical

As you all know, if wires are not in the right condition and in the right order of operation you could be at risk of a fire hazard. All wiring should be checked and re-checked on a consistent basis and those things that are not operable need to be repaired immediately. It’s also common for the batteries and connections to be in subpar condition on older Airstreams.

Our team at VARR will go through a thorough electrical systems inspection and check every fuse, wire, and connection prior to starting the renovation. If it’s not broken we won’t fix it unless the owner wants to make changes.

Electrical Services

  • Battery Check
  • Faulty Connections
  • Interior Lights
  • Running Lights (exterior)
  • Generator Connections
  • Solar Hook Ups

Animals take to the Airstream like ducks in the water and rodents love the plastic surrounding each wire that has a special coating for safety. When they chew through that coating, it creates a fire hazard. At VARR we carefully inspect every single wire and run the system through multiple tests to help make sure you won’t run into issues down the road. Batteries and battery connections tend to go haywire after years of use also. At VARR Airstreams our experienced staff is prepared to trouble shoot and resolve any electrical issues you may be experiencing in your silver bullet. Life on the road is much more enjoyable when you can spend time adventuring rather than fixing things!

Green Movement! Solar power and composting toilets!

Historically, vintage Airstreams have used standard mobile plumbing setups and generators for power while traveling off the grid. Technology has come a long way with the demand to for more sustainable power, and cleaner living. The GREEN MOVEMENT IS BIG and solar power and composting toilets are in!

Solar Power Technology

Solar power technology has been evolving quickly and most of our recent clients have requested solar as their choice of energy, whether it is for home, business, or travel trailer usage.

Solar takes the heat and energy from the sun and converts it to usable power. The new solar panels on top of an Airstream will constantly charge the batteries when they need it. This means you will have full power with hook ups while your off the grid.

Solar Services

  • You Can Choose Off-The-Beaten-Path Locations.
  • Solar is Virtually Soundless.
  • Solar Requires No Fuel and Little Maintenance
  • Green Reduce Your Carbon Emissions.
  • Save Money

Not only has solar technology improved tremendously in how much power the units are able to harness, but also they are becoming surprisingly affordable. Depending on what type of climate you live in, this might be your best option. Another option for solar power on your Airstream trailer is a hybrid combination of solar coupled with a generator. Our staff at VARR is experienced with installing these units and customers have been very pleased with the results.

Composting Toilets

Composting toilets have become a very popular option on our vintage Airstream restorations. There is no plumbing involved, just a vent hose to run outside and a small fan, so it’s a simple and inexpensive installation. Not to mention a very eco-friendly solution!

The composting toilets generally go 60 to 80 uses before they need to be dumped or on average once every 3 to 4 weeks assuming two people are living full time in the Airstream. Sometimes called a dry toilet, the liquids are separated from the solids. Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus are used to break down the waste. Organic carbon additives such as coconut fiber or sawdust speed the composting process, and if done properly the entire process should be virtually odorless.


  • No Water
  • No Plumbing Involved
  • No Chemicals Needed
  • No Flushing
  • Completely Natural and Organic

As you can see in the demonstration video below, the composting toilet process is fairly simple and smell free. One of the most beneficial parts While traveling the composting toilet liberates you from needing to find the next area with an RV dump station. Customers who have transitioned over from classic plumbing to a composting toilet in their Airstream rave about the convenience and ease. The trend is heading in that direction, especially as technology continues to improve.

VARR Does All Things Plumbing

Vintage Airstream trailers electrical and plumbing systems often are often hazardous and do not meet codes, and are not equipped with modern safety features.

We inspect your vintage Airstream and recommend safety upgrades, repairs and replacement of components, or design and install a completely new, modern and efficient plumbing or electrical system for your Airstream.

We can add a tankless water heater, PEX waterlines or solar power system to your Airtream!


  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • PEX Water Lines
  • CPVC Pipes
  • Mold Prevention
  • Composting Toilets
  • Holding Tanks
  • Grey Water Tanks (dish/bath water)
  • White Water Tanks (running water)
  • Black Water (solid waste)

Prior to renovation, vintage Airstreams generally need to have the entire plumbing system replaced. Corroded copper lines and cracked pipes are common, as well as old holding tanks that have become a petri dish for hazardous mold and bacteria. We swap out all of the old copper plumbing with red and blue PEX lines and install new holding tanks. Our professional plumbing team on staff here at VARR set up a customizable, clean and efficient systems.

If Switching to Composting Toilets or Solar Power Technology Is Not An Option

If switching to Composting toilets or Solar power technology is out your price range, or you are not interested then our professionals on staff here at VARR can repair or install classic power through a generator and a classic RV style black tank/gray tank plumbing system.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Plumbing and Electrical.

Airstream Collision Repairs

New Airstreams, or Vintage Airstreams our crew at VARR can repair any damage that may have occurred to your airstream trailer. It could be that the damage wasn’t even from a collision but rather, an “act of God” ie a hail storm, which can badly damage the aluminum panels. Depending on the severity of the damage our crew can either mold the damaged aluminum panels back into shape, or if needed we can cut and shape new custom aluminum panels.

If we need to replace panels, great care and attention is put into making sure that the replacement panels blend in seamlessly with the preexisting ones.

All of us here at VARR are committed to providing you with the finest Airstream collision repair and body services! To get your silver bullet back on the road ASAP.

There’s no other Airstream facility that combines the passion, care, skills, and experience of the trades and services that the VARR team brings to your needs! We always go the extra mile to make sure your experience is a pleasant one.

  • Professional RV Collision Repair
  • Aluminum Skin Replacement
  • Side Wall Repair/Replacement
  • Hail, Wind, or Sand Damage Repair
  • Roof Replacement/Repair

At VARR we use a variety of techniques to repair your airstream. You will be amazed with how our professional metal fabricators on staff can make your airstream look new again. We do it all! Whether it’s patching a tear in the aluminum, rolling out dents using an English wheel, or custom fitting new panels all together. We have helped thousands of Airstream customers over the years and now we are ready to help you!

VARR will work with your insurance, make sure to visit our Insurance Page for more information.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Collision Repairs.

Airstream Custom Cabinetry

Perfect cabinetry in your custom restored Airstream is a must. As our fellow Airstreamers know, every vintage Airstream trailer has been hand made from the wheels up so no two are the same. Each Airstream has its own history and it’s own unique shape. The custom cabinets also need to fit the contours of the interior of the beautiful aluminum fuselage to avoid damage when the aluminum flexes during travel. Also you need to make certain that those cabinets lock tight so that items stay secured in place during travel.

Custom Cabinetry Services

  • Custom Cabinets
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Cabinet Handles
  • Cabinet Design
  • Cubboards
  • Millwork
  • Cabinet Refinishing
  • Cabinet Making
  • Cabinet Tops
  • Counter Tops

Here at VARR vintage Airstreams, you will work one on one with our professional cabinet builder for the ultimate interior look of your Airstream dream! All of your custom cabinetry is built on site here at our facility in Heber Utah. He will work with the tile worker and the mill worker to make sure all of the elements are in harmony for the theme of your Airstream dream.

When it comes to investment in your vintage Airstream you want to make sure no stone is un-turned. This is a long-term investment and it’s of upmost importance to us here at VARR that the client is 100% satisfied with your beautifully restored Airstream trailer when it is completed and ready for adventure!

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Custom Cabinetry.

Airstream Axle Replacement

Axle Replacement Is Extremely Important For Old Vintage Airstreams

After decades of sitting around rusting and oxidizing the Airstream chassis are not fit to be on the road. Before restoration, all vintage airstreams should be checked thoroughly for flaws, cracks, and rubber seals. You can almost bet that the outcome of every axle investigation will lead to the conclusion that the older axles in the vintage airstream need new replacement equipment.

Here at VARR we install only the safest in the industry on full new restorations. A smooth, confident ride is so much more enjoyable, and especially when safety comes into play it is critically important to make sure everything is working correctly.

Our crew at VARR install Dexter axles on all our full new restorations. We order and install Dexter Axles because they the company that supplies all new Airstream axles. Each axle is custom made for the client based on the specifications that we give them, see Dexter Axles Website for more information.

Complete Airstream Axle Includes

  • Dexter Torsion Axle #10 or #11 (Rating dependent)
  • 10″ or 12″ Electric Self Adjusting Brakes
  • Integrated Hub/Drum Assemblies
  • 10″ brakes are available in 5 and 6 Lug hub/drum
  • 12″ brakes are available in 6 lug hub/drum
  • Grease Seals
  • Inner and Outer Hub/Drum Bearings
  • Grease Caps
  • Shock Mounting Brackets
  • Lug Nuts & Brake Hardware

A thorough inspection of your axles is of upmost importance regarding the safety and performance of your Airstream. Our team of technicians here at VARR will gladly go through a five-point inspection with you to help determine the condition of your axles. If your Airstream trailer feels bouncy or fish tails while you are pulling it then it might be time for new axles. During total restorations we most often install brand new axles, but sometimes we are able to salvage them by replacing individual parts. Like all things at VARR, it all depends on the budget, goals, and needs of the customer. Whether your Airstream is a single axle, double axle, or triple axle we have the equipment to get you safely back out on the road trailering.

All of us here at VARR take pride in being able to make the process of replacing axles on your Airstream trailer as simple as possible.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Axle Replacement.

Airstream Aluminum Fabrication & Repair…

We Do It All!

If you want to keep your original aluminum panels that have been dented, ripped, or damaged we have the resources and equipment on site to patch them up and bend them back into shape.

If you need a new or multiple new aluminum panels we custom fabricate the panels with extreme precision to make sure everything fits To a T and blends in nicely with the others panels.

VARR Airstream Aluminum Fabrication & Repair Service

  • New Panels
  • Vintage Panels
  • Custom Aluminum Panel Cuts
  • Dent Removal
  • Aluminum Patch Repairs

Great attention is paid to detail as the panels are molded and cut into place and VARR workers use precision tools to make the perfect cut every time.

Each of the shiny aluminum panels fit perfectly together to serve both a purpose for aesthetics and performance. Whether you are looking to replace one aluminum panel or numerous panels we have you covered. Also see our page on Airstream collision repairs.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Aluminum Fabrication & Repair.

The Iconic Neon Sign…Talk about attracting attention world-wide!

Our newest addition, the ”iconic neon sign” goes hand and hand with our iconic Airstream trailers.

Let us know if you would want a “special” theme for your business attention stopper.

VARR Sign Services

  • Locate Vintage Signage
  • Vintage Sign Restoration
  • Vintage Sign Re-Paint
  • Vintage Sign Re-Wiring

New Customers, Old Signs

The popularity of travel in America has exploded in the past twenty years. Folks find the exploration of unique natural destinations compelling and fascinating.

Road signs guide us to the many historical sights that reflect our knowledge of times gone by. The highway billboards of yesteryear remind us where to turn and how to plan that well deserved vacation.

Vintage advertising and those one of a kind messages in “NEON” on the side of the road guide us forward to the next turn closer to our destination.

To attract customers with a giant bang!, call me for a game plan for your one of a kind vintage sign.

…Yet another spoke in the magical wheel of VARR Vintage Restorations. Like the Airstream, Vintage neon signs are the crux of the iconic look of classic Americana. We want to bring that cool moment of art history back to life!

Call Gene for more detailed information on Vintage Neon Sign Restoration.

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