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Custom Upholstering, Fabric Design, and Interior Finishes

After all the planning, the repairs and replacement items, the original Airstream project is ready for those touches that make it a gem and a travel niche leader.

Coordination of the different elements of fabric color, sample texture and personal patterns, the interior theme and accent qualities are complete.

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Body Off, Danger On!

My style of writing is short, and to the point with few question marks.

By BLOGS are more “cowboy” than HARVARD, but most folks get my points. For the cowboy blog today, I am going to speak (write) loud and clear about the dangers of taking a body off an older Airstream Trailer and replacing the rust, rats, and compromised aluminum with healthy newly manufactured replacement steel.

The challenge is and always has been for the novice is, an understanding of the complexities of how the round peg goes into the round hole!

Without this knowledge or experience (which most folks have ‘NONE”) the Airstream restoration project will never be road worthy and safe for you, your family or business.

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Insulating the Accident

How many times have we seen a beautiful Airstream trailer sitting in a dealer’s lot waiting for its turn to get repaired.

The remains of a horrible accident or a mistake in judgement while backing up. Often times this reveals only the surface problems.

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Amazing Growth and Lifestyle

Being involved with so many aspects of trailering, I recently came across an interview with the President of Winnebago (parent company of Airstream).

The interview was fascinating. Fifteen minutes of nothing but positive input and recognition for a pioneering company and exciting niche.

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Forty Seven Year Old Holding Tank!

Just the thought of using a run-down worn out grey and black combo sewage tank makes me shiver. More than shiver, these dinosaurs have a little if any capacity to protect trailer occupants and stay sanitized.

Imagine the lack of efficiency of all the fittings, decomposed glue, and worn out plastic. Therefore, there is no efficiency with any connections. For all to see, this is a health hazard and a must to rehab the rotted molding flooring as well as the frame which the tank sits on and probably leaks continuously.

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Upgrading Interior and Design

To spotlight all our hard work and engineering vision for our Airstream trailers it became a must to add a design component to round out a very important “fashion department”.

To glue color, texture, fabrics and replacement for all to see and all to choose from is very important. This, to me, is one of the most gratifying parts of “trusting the process'” since it pulls all the loose ends together and allows the client a chance to step back, use personal experiences, and their gut.

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Missing, Broken, & Leaky Windows.

From day one, the word “window” has been a problem for millions of road travelers that need a tight seal with no leaks., and no sweating. If there is one single flaw regarding Airstream trailers manufactured before 1970 it’s the fact that few open and close without the seals cracking and the frames shifting out of plum eliminating moisture.

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Never Before – Custom Fabric Interior Walls

Of course, most Airstreams are pretty cool both inside and out, but a definite problem is brewing.

Today, when most Airstream trailer interiors look alike, we are bending the rules.

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Dangerous Spike

No different from your children when situations, examples, and firmness need to be repeated in the learning process. Qualified professionals are difficult to locate in the Airstream Restoration business.

I wrote a blog some time ago everything works.” The end point of my story was that most fix-it folks know little or nothing about the safe restoration or the proper approach to trouble shooting the correct evaluations and repair procedures of many 20, 40, 60 year old Airstream trailers.

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